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Equipment for DVD production

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Optical media CD/DVD components and equipment for sale. Used DVD mold parts for sale. 





Axxicon STX mirror insert L0

part/numbers: Р003648/00,



Axxicon STD mirror insert L0

part/numbers: Р003450/00,



Axxicon STX mirror insert L1

part/numbers: Р003581/00,



Axxicon STD mirror insert L1

 part/numbers: Р003450/02, Р003450/02, Р003451/03


All mirror inserts are in working condition, but need polishing and probably high correction as well. ExWork based price is $2000 per each. Proposed molds (mirrors) are designed for installation on the injection molding machine such as Singulus E-Mold, Netstall E-jet. Mold type STD, STX has been developed and manufactured by Axxicon BV (Netherlands), the world leader in optical media molds. As the latest developments on DVD, these molds have assimilated all the years of experience of the industrial production of CD / DVD, DVD-R. The operation and storage of the offered molds have been performed according to all requirements of molds and injection molding machines manufacturers - Axxicon and Singulus Technologies AG. In particular in order to control the cooling channels at its best corrosion inhibitor Nalco brand was applied. Mirrors are offered with various coating of the work surface, such as TiN, DLC.
Worldwide shipping available.

Contact: Alexey Kuznetsov, e-mail: all4off@gmail.com.

Office: Russia, St. Petersburg, Bolshoy prospect PS, 58;
Phone: +7 (812) 347-88-66.